About MariAguanta:

MariAguanta or May- May is a young marine biologist, who is bitten by a travel bug. She regularly consumes ridiculous amounts of chocolates, ice cream and tea, craves the sound of a crashing waves and wishes people will start taking care of this ocean. She’s turn between to lovers; the ocean and on the road. She travel not to find herself but to lose herself. What she know is that she feel lost, unsure and completely adrift. It excites her the feeling of uncertainties and the ecstasy of being anon to a new city... and that’s perfectly fine with her.

P.S. This blog is her notes and photos of her travels and yes, extension to her instragram account.
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Hibernation off! Heating the road, I mean the ocean.

Dear Mother Ocean, thank you for making us feel tiny, inspired, humbled and salty all at once. #santafeph #cebu

Lucky to live in #Philippines. #summer2014 #bantayan #island

Woke up in this beautiful #dawn. (at Bantayan Island)

Giving hug and makeover of #joserizal :D #art #painting #santafeph (at Bantayan Island)